We design, develop and deliver technologies that help ensure your beers, spirits or extracts are the very best they can be.


Ahead of the game and fit for the future.
Meura has always been an innovator.
Meura’s R&D Centre works on all manner of advanced brewing technologies. Located close to the brewing school and in the heart of the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, Meura Technologies is not merely an R&D centre but a real partner for all brewers. The Meura R&D team creates solutions that keep our customers ahead of the competition.

Meura‘s R&D activities

Meura's R&D centre works on all advanced brewing technologies to anticipate and fulfil each customer's needs.

In addition to its own R&D activities for process and technical development, Meura Technologies offers its customers valuable technical assistance in total confidentiality. Prior to supplying equipment, Meura Technologies acts as a partner who helps and advises the customer:

  • Technical feasibility trials for new raw materials, recipes, products, projects…
  • Performance improvement.
  • Technological support to our customers.
  • Training for customers, brewing schools, partners.
  • Rental of pilot equipment.

Our pilot brewery

To provide these services, the working environment of Meura Technologies is a pilot brewery equipped with the entire range of Meura's technologies. Your future or existing industrial process can be mimicked and optimized from milling to cold wort.

Thanks to its expertise and experience in brewing technologies, the R&D team is able to create solutions that keep Meura's customers ahead of the competition. More than just an equipment supplier, Meura positions itself as a leading technical and technological partner.

4, Avenue Alexander Fleming
B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium)
+32 10 23 72 70