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Pioneers since 1845. Looking to the future on the firm foundations of the past.
Founded by Jean-Baptiste Meura in Tournai, Belgium, the company has been at the forefront of brewing technology for nearly two centuries with famous inventions such as the mash filter, Aflosjet, Meura2001 filter, Meurabrew, Meurastream, Carbo Mill,... A member of the French Boccard family group since 1998, the company is recognised for its brewing technology expertise, worldwide.

Meura: a short history of a long tradition


Meura is founded in 1845 by Jean-Baptiste Meura in Tournai (Belgium).


Philippe Meura, the son of the founder, develops the first filter press to improve the mash lautering process. This invention is at the heart of the well-known Meura2001, one of the company's spearhead inventions to date.


After World War II, Meura expands and invests in new production techniques.

Thanks to this, Meura is able to stay ahead of all its competitors. Meura becomes well-known everywhere for the quality and profitability of its products and services.


Introduction of the fine grinding of malt and the Meura 2001 mash filter.


The Boccard family enters into Meura’s activities.


Meura Technologies and Services

Meura decides to install its R&D Division in the heart of the University city of Louvain-la-Neuve (Belgium): Meura Technologies and Services, previously called Meura Technolgies, is born.


In order to be able to meet the increasing demand, Meura moves to new premises in Péruwelz (Belgium).


Meura enters into partnership with PRAJ Industries Limited, India.


Introduction of the first Meurabrew, Meura's continuous brewhouse.


Introduction of the Meura2001 Hybrid.


Meura sells its 250th Meura2001.


Industrial introduction of the Meurastream.


Meura sells its 450th Meura2001