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Meura has always developed innovative technologies and equipment offering competitive advantages to brewers.

The Brewhouse of the 21st Century!

Since 1987, when Meura introduced fine milling to the brewing process, all its research has been focused on the development of new technologies and equipment making it possible to introduce a revolution in the brewing industry: the continuous brewing process called MEURABREW.

So the Meurabrew is a combination of Meura’s proven technologies adapted to this continuous set-up:

  • Fine milling: Fine milling is the pre-requisite for the continuous brewhouse since it allows fast enzymatic activity. The Classicmill or the Carbomill perfectly suits this continuous regime.
  • Mashing-in and mashing: The Mechamasher transfers the mash to a group of mash vessels. Each of them keeps the mash at a specific temperature for a certain time. A continuous flow passes through these vessels and assures the brew diagram. Thanks to the Aflosjet system these vessels do not need to be cleaned during the process.
  • Filtration: Wort filtration is performed with Meura 2001 mash filters. Three filters working in parallel ensure a regular, continuous mash filtration process.
  • Boiling: The combination of a Clarisaver and an Ecostripper in a continuous set-up allows the ecological and economical production of a high quality wort.

The Meurabrew, Meura’s continuous brewing technology gives exceptional performance I a variety of areas

  • Water consumption at least halved!
  • Electricity consumption at least halved!
  • Steam consumption at least halved!
  • Considerable reduction of waste water!
  • No peak load in utilities!
  • Better productivity (one CIP per week)!
  • Drastic reduction in oxidation of mash and wort!
  • Improved regularity in the product parameters!
  • Etc...


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