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Int & Ext Boiler

Meura has always developed innovative technologies and equipment offering competitive advantages to brewers.

In order to improve the efficiency of wort boiling and heat recovery systems, Meura developed both internal and external boiler technologies, depending on the preference of the brewery…

Wort Boiling's main advantages:

  • Evaporation rate between 4 and 6%.
  • Steam pressure lower than 2.5 barg.
  • High stripping efficiency of undesirable flavours.
  • Gentle treatment of the foam-positive protein fraction.
  • Reduction of thermal stress.
  • Less colouring of the wort.
  • Better isomerisation of α-acids from the hops.
  • Better coagulation of protein-tannin compounds.
  • Minimising of the fouling effect.

The current developments in the brewing industry require brewhouses able to provide a wide range of evaporation rates.

The main reasons are:
• Introduction of new technologies like the Meurastream with very low evaporation rates (≤1%), still combined with « traditional » evaporation for global and/or license brands.
• Brewhouses have to produce a mixture of full malt brews and high adjuncts brews.
• Increased product differentiation (lager and craft beers in the same brewhouse) leading to more variation in evaporation rates.

This trend led Meura to invest in researching response to this specific situation.
In fact, current wort kettles often must be able to work with an evaporation range fluctuating from 1 to 10%/h.
Let’s consider a fixed forced circulation flow throught the internal/external boiler of a wort kettle. If the steam supply towards the boiler is increased, the flow of the mixture wort/vapour after the boiler increases. In order to keep the same wort spreading pattern at different evaporation rates, the wort spreader should allow adjustment of the flow accordingly.

A new challenge for Meura: adjusting the wort spreader to keep a constant spreading pattern!

The solution is as simple as it is clever!
A spring on top of the spreader will open more by increased steam pressure and therefore flow. The solution is thus only mechanical and leads to an auto-adaptive wort spreader, the FLEXIBOIL.

The FLEXIBOIL, Meura’s new spreader, can work from 1 to 10%/h evaporation rate and from 100 up to 300% flow while keeping the same spraying pattern!
Last but not least, the FLEXIBOIL can very easily be added in any existing wort kettles with its small size allowing it to be introduced via the manhole of 500mm diameter!