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Thanks to our fine grist milling technology, the Meura 2001 guarantees a higher yield compared to coarse grist milling technologies. Consequently Meura manufactures specialist mills for fine grist production.

In parallel with dry fine milling, Meura has developed fine milling under water technology which combines the fine milling and the pre-mashing steps.

In order to improve the filterability of the mash and enhance the flavour stability of the beer, Meura developed the Hydromill. The Hydromill is a disc mill which consists of fine milling malt under water. This technology ensures perfect hydration of the starch and avoids oxidation.

The Hydromill's main advantages:

  • Better wort quality through oxygen-free fine milling under water at mashing-in temperature.
  • Higher productivity thanks to an extract yield equal to or above the laboratory yield and productivity rates higher than 14 brews a day.
  • Especially designed for green malt milling
  • The Hydromill is explosion-proof as it works under water.
  • Low maintenance costs.

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Rodenbach Brewery, Belgium