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Meura has always developed innovative technologies and equipment offering competitive advantages to brewers.

Wort boiling is an important step in the production of high quality beer and represents 20 to 30% of the total amount of thermal energy consumed in a brewery. Meura offers three possible ways to boil wort.

The Ecostripper is an ecological and economical wort boiling technology providing major energy savings while producing a very high quality wort, and so improving final beer quality. Moreover, Ecostripper technology also efficiently and flexibly eliminates unwanted volatile compounds in the wort (such as DMS).

The Ecostripper is placed "in line" between the wort cooler and the settling tank.

The Ecostripper's main advantages:

  • Significant energy savings due to reduced energy consumption;
  • Less energy required (max. 2% evaporation rate) to eliminate the unwanted volatile compounds (DMS);
  • Easy recovery of residual heat;
  • Meets increasingly strict environmental constraints regarding CO2 emission and emission of volatile organic compounds, which are increasingly considered to be a public nuisance;
  • Efficient and flexible elimination of unwanted volatile compounds in the wort (reduction of up to 96% of DMS concentration);
  • Increased foam stability;
  • Less final wort colouring: < 1°EBC;
  • Reduced Strecker reaction (less aldehydes).

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