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Thanks to our fine grist milling technology, the Meura 2001 mash filter guarantees a higher yield compared to coarse grist milling technologies. In order to obtain the ideal grist granulometry for the Meura2001, Meura developed and manufacture mills for fine grist production.

The Classicmill is a ventilated hammermill. In combination with the Meura2001 Hybrid, the Classicmill produces clear wort with low fatty acid content and high extract yield.

The Classicmill's main advantages:

  • During milling, forced ventilation occurs inside the milling chamber. This limits the temperature increase observed with other hammermills (vertical shaft type).
  • By limiting the temperature increase, the classicmill is ideal for the milling of adjuncts with higher moisture content up to 15 % (e.g. barley).
  • Low initial and maintenance costs.

All our Classicmills are ATEX Certified.

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