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Meura has always developed innovative technologies and equipment offering competitive advantages to brewers.

With the Clarisaver, Meura has developed technology that solves all the faults of the traditional whirlpool. This wort settling tank technology allows hot trub to be recovered during wort cooling and the non-oxidized trub to be recycled.

The Clarisaver consists of a vertical cylindro-conical tank. The wort is clarified by means of natural decantation and is collected via several wort outlets situated at different levels on the tank wall.

The Clarisaver's main advantages:

  • Oxygen free recovery of hot trub during the wort cooling sequence and not afterwards.
  • Possibility therefore to recycle this non-oxidised hot trub (not recommended with a whirlpool where the trub cone is intensely oxidised). This will increase the OBY (Overall Brewhouse Yield) by at least 1% compared to a whirlpool system.
  • Limited shear forces due to gentle filling.
  • Allows the fatty acid content of the clarified wort to be controlled.
  • Low water consumption (compared with a whirlpool where water is used to drain the trub cone out of the vessel).

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