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Thanks to our fine grist milling technology, the Meura 2001 mash filter guarantees a higher yield compared to coarse grist milling technologies. Consequently Meura manufactures specialist mills for fine grist production.

Meura offers you different kinds of milling technologies: dry fine milling and wet fine milling. Dry fine milling uses either forced ventilation or CO2 atmosphere. Wet fine milling is carried out under water.

The Carbomill is a hammer mill using malt grist storage technology with CO2 atmosphere which avoids oxidation of the malt grist. This technology, combined with the well known advantages of the Classicmill, produces a dry, fine, non-oxidised malt grist.

The Carbomill's main advantages:

  • Oxidation of the malt grist is avoided during milling and storage (no LOX activity) by the injection of CO2 into the grist case. This improves the mash filterability and the flavour stability of the beer.
  • The mill is explosion-proof as it works under CO2 atmosphere.
  • The Carbomill has a low initial cost as well as a low maintenance cost

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