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Meura & Fifco USA

Fifco is one of the top 10 brewers in the USA and has recently chosen Meura as main supplier!

FIFCO USA, with headquarters in Rochester (NY) U.S.A., is one of the top 10 brewers in the United States. FIFCO’s diverse portfolio features a variety of outstanding brands and breweries. From the fun flavours of Seagram’s Escapes and the rich history of Genesee Brewing Company to the adventurous spirit of Magic Hat Brewing Company and so much more!

In 2016 FIFCO USA decided to invest in the production facilities of Genesee Brewing Company (Rochester), its largest brewery.
The aim was to build an efficient and sustainable operating brewery with the capacity of producing a variety of beers and styles.
The project should bring best-in-class equipment and technology to the brewery in the brewhouse and cold block. The old brewhouse was built in the 1970s and it was decided to go for a brandnew 500 bbl (=585 hl) per brew brewhouse.
Meura was honoured with the order covering a scope from the milling up to wort cooling:

• Hammermill
• Mechamasher
• 2 mash tuns
• 1 Meura2001 for 12 tons of malt throw
• 1 wort holding vessel
• 1 wort kettle with external boiler
• 3 hop dosing vessels with 4 hl net volume each
• 1 whirlpool

For Meura this means once more a project that demonstrates the growing interest of the US brewers in Meura brewhouse technology including the never equalled Meura2001 mash filter technology!
Over the last decade Meura set up several projects in North America by replacing the traditional lauter tuns with a Meura2001.
With brewers like Alaskan Brewing Company, Full Sail Brewing Company or North Coast Brewing Company for example!
Until now, Meura mainly focused on the Meura2001 to conquer the U.S. brewing world. It already sold more than 25 Meura2001 to craft brewers and lager brewers alike!
Today Meura’s ambition is to reinforce its presence in the USA, by convincing brewers of the benefits of the Meura2001 and the complete Meura brewhouse technology! 

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