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How to increase the capacity of your Meura2001?

To increase the capacity of your Meura2001, Meura offers you several solutions!

In recent years we have observed the following trends:
1 In fast growing markets, there comes a point when brewhouse capacity becomes a bottle neck in the production process. Installing
a new larger brewhouse takes time and significant investment. A regular request Meura receives from brewers is to study the maximum capacity to which the existing brewhouse can be extended.
2 High gravity brewing has become an industry standard and there is a trend towards increasingly high cold wort density. Consequently, Meura is receiving more and more requests by brewers to support them in achieving high gravity brewing. The ideal case in most situations is to increase wort gravity while maintaining the same cold wort volume for a particular brew. This means increasing the malt/adjunct throw per brew.
3 Syrups are still used in many regions, although we are observing a trend to replace sugar syrups by malt or other grains.

With these trends in the brewhouse process, Meura has developed a set of solutions to support brewers:

- Technological audit
- Rear caisson
- Hybrid Thin Chambers

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