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Filliers Distillery

From grain to spirit, guided by Meura

With a history dating back to the 18th century, Filliers Distillery is the largest Belgian grain distiller.
As a family company, the distillery is today owned by the 5th generation!

Filliers Distillery has been making Jenever since its foundation. Jenever was originally produced by distilling malt wine. In order to improve the flavour, herbs and juniper berries in particular (hence the name Jenever) were added. Today, the Jenever is made with grains and juniper berries are added at the end of the process to flavour the product. Jenever is mostly presented in clay bottles and is now the traditional liquor in the Netherlands, Belgium and adjoining areas.

The Filliers distillery has a wide range of products like whiskeys, gins, vodka… all made with tradition and passion.

Still in the spirit of innovation and tradition, the Filliers Distillery recently called Meura to improve their mash filtration.
Meura’s R&D Centre tested their recipes in the pilot brewery. These tests exceeded the expectations and the distillery immediately decided to order a Meura2001 Craft Junior.
Equipped with 60 chambers (throw of 2,1 tons malt), the Meura2001 Craft Junior of Filliers is the first Meura2001 installed in a Belgian distillery!

Meura is proud to grow in the distillery industry with 14 Meura2001 currently installed in distilleries! From small craft distilleries to the large ones at Diageo and Pernod Ricard, they all have opted for the Meura2001 technology! Similar to the evolution in the brewing industry, the Meura2001 is the mash filtration technology par excellence for grain distillers too.

The benefits of the Meura2001 for malt and grain distilleries are extensive:
• the need for high gravity wort (16-18°P). These densities, and even much higher ones can be achieved with the Meura2001 without extract losses!
• Use of other raw materials than malted barley, such as for example unmalted and malted rye and buckwheat, corn, sorghum, millets,
chocolate and roasted malts…
• Use of expensive raw materials (e.g. peat smoked malt) which increases the need to reduce extract losses
• Bright wort. Typically Imhoff <5ml/l with the Meura2001
• High productivity. The Meura2001has cycle times of 120 to even less than 100 minutes

We take this opportunity to congratulate Filliers Distillery on being such a successful company and thank them for their trust in our technologies!