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Europe's most sustainable brewhouse, made by Meura!

The Gulpener brewery entrusted Meura for their complete new brewhouse, becoming the most sustainable brewhouse in Europe!

Located in the Dutch province of Limburg, the Gulpener Bierbrouwerij, which started brewing back in 1825, caught the attention of beer lovers in the 80s by launching a series of special beers, long before craft beer had become ‘in vogue’.
With production of 110,000 hl of beer per year, the Gulpener Brewery is an independent brewer making use exclusively of locally-grown raw ingredients (max 25 miles around the brewery) and with an unfailing focus on continuously decreasing their energy consumption throughout the production process.

In 2018, determined to make even greater energy savings in the brewhouse while at the same time increasing their brewing capacity, Gulpener Brewery called upon Meura to develop a technology to help them further enhance sustainability...

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