We design, develop and deliver technologies that help ensure your beers, spirits or extracts are the very best they can be.

Let's discuss about state-of-the-art technologies at Brau Beviale 2023!


During this BRAU BEVIALE 2023, we’ll be pleased to present you our latest technological innovations like:

The HYDROMILL, designed especially to mill green malt (=malt before kilning). The (partial) introduction of green malt or green malt extract is an option for the brewers to further reduce their carbon footprint.

The Meura2001, the leading technology for mash filtration in the brewing industry. Since its introduction about 30 years ago, the technology has continuously been improved. Come and discover most of its developments!

The Meurastream GREEN, a brewhouse concept with the aim to reduce the steam consumption and excess of hot process water. We’ll be happy to share with you the first industrial feed-backs of this revolutionary concept!

Of course all our other state-of-the-art technologies will also be presented, like for example the Classicmill (hammer mill), the Carbomill (milling under CO2 atmosphere), the Mechamasher (mechanical premasher), the Meurabrew (Meura’s continuous brewhouse) etc.

Join us on our booth #9-324, we’ll be happy to welcome you with a glass of Belgian specialty beer!