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Who's Who? Meet our new CEO!

The Who’s Who section is a short interview of one selected member! 
Today meet our new CEO:
Mr Olivier Simal.

R | Hi Mr Simal! Thanks a lot for answering our questions today! Firstly, would you please detail us your training?

OSI | Yes, of course, with pleasure! I’m an Industrial Engineer in biochemistry-brewery graduated from the Meurice Institute, Brussels. I’ve also studied in Oxford Brooks University through an Erasmus programme and completed my end of study thesis on “The Use of Fluorescent DYE to Assess Yeast Viability and Vitality of Ale and Lager Strains”.

R | And how did you hear about the Meura company?

OSI | I heard about Meura in my courses where our teacher Alain Debourg presented the revolutionary concept of the Meura2001. Everybody was amazed and extremely interested in this technology!

R | When did you start working at Meura and which positions did you hold before becoming CEO?

OSI | In 2001, when I was in Oxford, Prof. Alain Debourg informed me that there was a vacancy with Meura for a position of Project Manager. I immediately sent my CV and was selected.

In 2007 I integrated and developed the After Sales Services team as Brewing Technologist. Some years after I took the lead of this department and was promoted Head of the Customer Services department in 2014.

In 2019, when the retirement of Christian De Brackeleire was announced, I was elected Deputy General Manager.

I became CEO on 1 March 2020.

R | As Meura is a company founded in 1845, which are the most important values you want to preserve for the company?

OSI | I have some values that to me are of prime importance:

  • Innovation and continuous improvement: remaining the leader in our sector
  • Industrial ecology: always looking for new processes or equipment to drastically reduce brewhouse’s consumption in water, energy, CO2,…
  • Continuing to ensure our customers the very best solution: Finding expert partners in the interest of our customers
  • Preserving the family spirit of Meura. This atmosphere is essential to serve our customers best in a trustworthy relationship.

R | What is  the most exciting challenge in this new position for you?

OSI | For me the really exciting challenge is continuously maintaining our status of Specialist. Always maintaining Meura as leader and continuously focusing on manufacturing state-of-the-art equipment to best serve our customers!


Thank you for your time and we wish you all the best in this new position!