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 Meura 2001 Hybrid
Merura 2001 Carbo+

To stay one step ahead Meura decided in 2006, with a wealth of experience in mash filtration (280 Meura 2001 mash filters installed all over the world), to rethink its Meura 2001 technology.
After almost 5 years of intensive research, the new design of the Meura 2001, the so called Meura 2001 Hybrid mash filter, is developped and delivers simultaneously the following unique performances:


high productivity (>14 brews per day)
high extract yield (min. equal to laboratory yield)
 very bright wort (Imhoff <5ml/l)
 high gravity wort (>17°P cold wort, without weak wort recovery)

In addition, less than 2,2 litres of sparging water per kilo of malt is needed, which means short sparging cycles and thus a wort quality impovement. A single filter can take throws of up to 16 tons, thanks to a more homogeneous filling of the filter chambers.

The major improvement with the Meura 2001 Hybrid lies in a conceptual change in its filter plate design. Previous internal research showed an irregularity in the sparging efficiency of the filter bed cakes. The reason was a different filling pattern from one cake to another.

A solution was found by keeping only the filter bed in the direction of the best sparging efficiency. The Meura 2001 Hybrid was born, which has filter plates of one single identical design. The plate is now called the “hybrid” plate and no longer a “filter plate” or a “membrane plate”. Each hybrid plate is equipped with one cloth AND one membrane (compared to the Meura 2001 which had plates equipped with two membranes OR two cloths).

Meura 2001 Carbo + - Technical File


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MEURA  •  1, Rond-point Jean-Baptiste Meura, B-7600 Péruwelz (Belgium)  •  Phone : +32 69 88 69 88  •  Fax : +32 69 88 69 80  •  E-mail : sales@meura.com